How to Build a Blog Website – 3 Easy Steps to Make Money With Blogs

Learning how to construct a web log website is a lot easier than lots of website developer would have you believe. Actually, it’s become so easy, that I would venture to guess that many of the smaller site developers might be hurting for work today, if not in the near future.

The reason being technology has evolved to the level where site construction employing a blogging platform is essentially “turnkey” and requires little or no technical knowledge whatsoever. What was once hours and hours of coding is essentially now a couple of clicks, and your blog is installed.

1.) To Host or Not To Host? – If you should be looking to set up your own personal blog, you’ve to first obtain a domain name. You should buy a domain name from anywhere (I would recommend staying far from Go Daddy). Make sure you do your appropriate keyword research before buying the domain name. Once you get it, you’ve the capacity to host it with hosting service you choose.

If you decide on a domain name and elect to go with a website that offers free hosting, like or Blogger, take note you might have restrictions about what content you are able to place on your site. While that option is free, it presents problems if you plan to utilize the site for affiliate sales.

Recommendation: Host your own personal site; buy your own personal domain name.

Cost: Significantly less than 15 dollars

2.) Pick your Platform- There clearly was an occasion when blogs were really only for blogging. Yeah…well, that time is over. Tropic deodorant The key reason why is that blogs are very versatile, different and flexible that they can essentially be properly used is customizable websites that have whatever you need.

Some examples of this are WordPress, Blogger and others like Joomla which can be actually not blogging platforms but called Content Management. The nice part, they are almost universally free, or have a free of charge option.

Recommendation: Use WordPress with your own hosting service

Cost: Hosting, approx 8-10 bucks per month. Hosting on WordPress or Blogger is free.

3.) People like Pictures- Unlike what your English teacher in 5th grade could have told you, the pictures count the maximum amount of or even more than the language on your site. The pictures are what pull people in to really read your content.

So this content matters, however it won’t get people to avoid from hitting the back button on its own. Why? Because the internet is a highly visual medium and people get intimidated and downright depressed if they see large chunks of text on the page. Consider video, pictures and the utilization of whitespace to split up any visual monotony on your page.

Building a Blog Website – Before, During, After

Blogging is currently a way for you to be able to express yourself or to exhibit people your interests or your hobbies. There are numerous blogs available in the market already and each you’ve got their very own different take. There will be fashion blogs, journals, food critic blogs, travel blogs and so on. When you have been eyeing on building a blog for such a long time but you may not understand how to start, this is the perfect article for you. This informative article can tell you developing a blog website is not that hard.

Here are the steps on the best way to begin blogging:

Before signing up

Why are you signing up?

This is actually the first question you ought to ask yourself. Why are you signing up? What for? You must have a purpose on why you’re blogging otherwise; you’ll just not continuously blog. You can have no drive to consecutively post entries. When you have no reason, it will just be considered a waste of time for you to sign up.

What will your blog be all about?

As previously mentioned above, you have to have a niche. Are you currently into fashion? Then make a style blog wherein you are able to post your outfits or make fashion reviews. Do you want capturing or photography? Then make that since the focal point of one’s blog. The main topic of your blog may also be your target audience. Individuals who also love fashion or photography for instance, will be the ones interested in your blog.

During signing up

What is your domain name?

Your domain name is going to be your username. It is going to be what you will be known for. Other bloggers or readers will remember you by your domain name and so you need to produce your domain name interesting. Be sure that the domain name you choose will last you a very long time because people might not be able to follow you anymore if you change it all of the time.

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